Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Want to know how much storage space you are using on your iPhone?

For years, Apple’s phone owner’s manual is the only place users could find instructions for managing storage space on their iPhone. Now the company has listed a more straightforward method online as part of its revamped software – but other advice is out there as well.

In a document published Wednesday morning on Apple’s website, users are given a detailed breakdown of the most common things they do that eat up space on their phones and are told to unplug excess media (like music and videos).

“The most common ways to create a drain on your phone’s storage are watching videos and listening to music on your iPhone,” Apple wrote. “If you use apps regularly but you aren’t actively editing them or listening to music frequently, you might not notice that they are gobbling up space.”

Apple recommends its own Space Saver feature, which it says eats up up 30 percent of the space on an iPhone 5s. It also recommends turning off Do Not Disturb for some time every day, turning off music previews and pulling in content from the cloud – and the method “most people find easiest to use.”

For more leeway on Apple’s advice, several other sites have pointed users to better-known storage solution for iPhone owners.

Apple does offer some tips of its own, however. In addition to unplugging media that isn’t important, Apple suggests regular deletion of unnecessary stuff. Delete “photos, videos, music, app data, images, and documents that you no longer need,” the company recommends.

“Keeping files longer than necessary will over time cause that space to be lost.”

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