Saturday, October 1, 2022

Trump’s server: what we know about Trump’s leaked account – live updates

The Washington Post


The email was accidentally sent to one person; the White House had no comment about whether it would ask for a new server.

The email

Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered a fiery and unscripted statement to reporters just minutes after the Trump Server Mystery sparked fresh controversy. She was on the schedule to deliver prepared remarks at the White House briefing later in the day.

“I get the same question every single day from people who are waiting on whether we are getting a new server here at the White House.”

“The answer to that question I think has to be more public,” Sanders said, indicating that officials were using the current email setup as a repository for official messages to be archived.

“People would like to know who is using the email address,” she said. “It would be an appropriate place for that information to be released, I think.”

Sanders noted that if there were people who used their own email addresses they should request that information be released to them and “we’ll take care of that”.

She then launched into a blistering attack on her media critics.

“Obviously if you ask a lot of questions about this or any other topic to any other administration, you’re going to get a handful of stories that take the administration to task for all of the actions they’re doing in this area,” she said.

Sanders said there was no way to determine how many people were using their own emails because “the president directs them to use their own email accounts”.

Despite saying the White House and the president had done nothing wrong, Sanders accused the media of specializing in answering the “same question” all the time about the servers and said that it was “unfair to the White House for you to constantly ask that same question”.

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