Thursday, October 6, 2022

The 1000-square-foot mansion with 13 bathrooms is still sitting empty — even though it’s worth $500 million

Despite being written about in countless news outlets, the outrageous megamansion at 1023 Royal Oaks Drive that’s being compared to a house from a George Orwell novel is still sitting empty.

It’s called “The One” for a reason. As in, it’s the one home on Royal Oaks Drive that visitors stop their cars to tour, The Associated Press reported.

The sumptuous compound in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California consists of five 11,000-square-foot homes with 13 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, and 42 full-size bathrooms. But despite nearly everything described in the Hollywood Reporter story that came out in March of 2018, the $500 million asking price hasn’t been met yet.

In fact, the real estate listing for The One has quietly changed: It used to include a stop at The Entertainment Foundation of the LAUSD (which founded the Empowerment Now! Foundation, a nonprofit for the disenfranchised youth of Los Angeles County). But now the tour stops off at 9010 Royal Oaks Drive.

Located just a half-mile north of Beverly Hills and five miles west of the Sherman Oaks-Takoma Park border, residents and owners have reported the price of the mansion down. At $250 million, it’s now the lowest priced mansion on The One.

Most of the megamansion’s exteriors are still undergoing repairs from the owner’s exhaustive home renovation. The house is now accessible by red carpet-level security.

The modern megamansion is on Rancho Park Boulevard — a traffic-clogged street in a residential community that’s like something out of “Gone With the Wind.”

The residences on The One are located on several lots along a three-acre property. There’s a media room, a bowling alley, an underground workshop, and a restaurant.

The huge home is almost certainly an investment property. Tenfold it’s more luxurious than the residences on Beverly Crest Drive — yet is nearly 15 years older.

Photos of the home can be found here.

FOX News’ Nick Valencia contributed to this report.

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