Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Stormy weather batters German city, causing dozens of injuries

A strong storm whipped through a German city on Monday, where authorities said several people were injured in the ensuing storms. The storm quickly moved through the city of Kiel, a famous port on the North Sea coast. By Tuesday morning, the city of some 400,000 residents was beginning to reassemble following the damage, which included uprooted trees, damaged homes and a shattered facade of a theater.

Early estimates by local authorities and fire service workers suggested the storm had caused more than 40 million euros in damage, Reuters reported. The hotel manager of the Residence Kiel, Axel Schmittmann, told the Guardian that damage totaled more than 100 million euros, but there was no final tally. (A police spokesman told Reuters that while authorities had no direct information on potential casualties, “we have heard that several people are currently in hospital.”)

In a Facebook post, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that authorities were working around the clock to restore power and rebuild infrastructure in the city, and police were working with emergency crews on the streets of Kiel to address other possible dangers.

“All those affected in [the] North Sea port in North Rhine-Westphalia are our concerned,” she wrote. “I am following the current situation with great care. We are fully prepared. We are doing everything to support those most in need.”

This story is developing. More information to come.


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