Saturday, October 1, 2022

Rallying other creators to help stop non-consensual content on the internet

We are not artists and do not create or market our own content. That being said, our net worth is dependent on the influence we have on potential content creators.

As streaming becomes more important to the success of a podcast we must represent our industry in a way that shows respect and enjoys the freedom to be controversial. As such, we cannot think of a better way to align our brand and the rise of independent podcasting than through the s-xual content we have featured in our show lineup (with apologies to sweetedmint and pizza_news, who have absolutely no problem offending people in their content).

The RESPECT that we are looking for here starts with creative maturity and dialogue. We want to ensure that we provide the appropriate tone that we would expect from our fanbase. Content that will remain off our pages will be sexually explicit in nature; all other stories will have an appropriate average age of 30+. We ask that you follow the age-appropriate nature of the content. As such, sexually explicit content we air during OUR episodes will be taken down. Explicit content (in real time) will also not appear on the site.

On top of this, all content linked to on sites such as Reddit or others who are not signatory to their terms of service and have inappropriately labeled your original article or podcast as “Anonymous”, will be automatically flagged, therefore they will not be indexed.

Ultimately we are looking for the best way to support and position independent content, and in the process of finding this, we are willing to take a stand. We ask that you take responsibility for the content you create, and that you think about your audience in order to protect them. Having an awesome platform and audiences will always come with a price, and we understand that, but we hope this will be the beginning of further discussions and feedback we receive in order to come up with the best ideas.

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