Saturday, October 1, 2022

Paul Solman Interviews Dave McCall and Track Source in Season 10 Special: The Strangest Candidate in the Race, Joe Biden, and The Biggest Rumor of The Week: Tammy Duckworth Goes to Iowa?

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The week in candidate Biden took a heavy hit this week. His son, Beau, passed away. Now the other son, Hunter, admits that the young Biden lacks leadership skills.

Joe Biden recently said he’ll take a pass on 2020, but is hinting he’ll run again in 2024. Then, he couldn’t pull off a press conference in Oregon about his Domestic Agenda as he waits for votes in the polls in Iowa, where he does better.

Plus, speculation is over whether Tammy Duckworth of Illinois will run for President in 2020…or get into it later in the cycle.

Paul Solman interviews Dave McCall of Citizens Bank’s Newmark Studio:

And, John Nolte covers the Ayotte campaign and tells us whether their new ad is the change voters are waiting for.

Paul Solman welcomes Dave McCall, a campaign consultant, on NewsHour.

Here are some essential podcast episodes.

Paul Solman spoke to Sue Moseley, author of the book “The Clinton White House Years: A Dark History.” The book details how Bill Clinton stepped on everyone’s toes in his frenzied first years, including leaving the nation on the brink of default in 1998. She recounts how the Republicans watched in horror as they realized they would be swept away if Bill Clinton was allowed to stay in office for a second term.

Tom Ashbrook with John Dean, longtime aide to President Richard Nixon. Dean, author of the book “Inside the Presidency: A Secret White House History,” describes what went on behind the scenes between the president and his staffers.

WND reports on those left vulnerable in the Mississippi primary this week. This features Cal Thomas and Tammy Bruce, veteran Republican activists. Tom and Tammy will debate their own conservative philosophies, and how better to address the problems of the day.

And, Paul invites media analyst Tige Ferguson to weigh in on ‘The Hunt For Trump’ on 20 percent approval.

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