Saturday, October 1, 2022

One arrest, two continents: Miami cop says man’s reckless actions at airport should be punishable

A young man in his 20s will likely be held responsible for one of the most dangerous incidents in recent memory in Miami, according to the police. A video went viral over the weekend showing the man at Miami International Airport, approaching a gate while walking down the terminal’s main hallway and opening an emergency door with his bare hands, falling onto the plane’s wing and screaming. It seemed a madness, going as it did in the middle of night, in front of dozens of people. All aboard the suspect’s flight were temporarily stranded.

Hundreds of people quickly went online to share the video. While some complimented the man for performing a brilliant job, many found themselves troubled by the obliviousness in the video, which did not appear to capture his intent to harm.

That’s why the Sun Sentinel in South Florida, which broadcasted the video online, reached out to Geoffrey Thomas, the deputy director of the Broward Aviation Department, which oversees Miami International Airport, for a comment.

“If he’s putting people in danger or putting anyone at risk, there should be consequences. The aircraft is the only thing that matters, and the actions of one can impact dozens or hundreds of people,” Thomas told the Sun Sentinel. Thomas added that there were about 170 passengers on board the flight when the incident occurred, not all of whom witnessed the horrific incident. He said, as of now, the airline has no plans to launch an investigation. However, while the story fades from the headlines, it shows us that we can’t look away from circumstances like this one.

Read the full story at The Sun Sentinel.


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