Saturday, October 1, 2022

My favorite

By A. Parker & Andy ParkerI am the proud owner of a 1978 Smith & Wesson Model I 828 PISTOL and receive many a selfie from the men and women who show it off to friends. At its factory in Newtown, Connecticut, every Friday morning about 50 gun buyers of all ages gather to talk about their news and dreams. After all, a handgun allows one to think, shoot, drink, ride a bike, watch tv in their RV, drive a car, board a plane, enjoy picnics at the beach, and do many other things.

I guess it would be easy to knock Smith & Wesson for moving its factory there after 125 years in Yorktown, Virginia. Still, Smith & Wesson makes some great guns. It has a big catalog and stores run free of the “guns on sale” that so many people despise in this day and age. It’s a fun place to visit for anyone who is into guns.

However, in the midst of a recession, Smith & Wesson is leaving where its customers have been and moving closer to where its customers live. In fact, the company’s CEO Mike Golden actually said, “Our customers are looking for easier access and more direct interaction, and we’re eager to provide that.” So now you can buy your Smith & Wesson package in Greene County, Tennessee?

The only question is why? Will it cost more and might customers migrate to its competitors? I just wish this move was the outcome of a better consumer choice and not dictated by business interests.

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