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Murderer of girlfriend in moment of anger in England pleads guilty

Florida woman, Wayne Couzens, the man who pushed his girlfriend, Sarah Everard over to the edge and killed her in August has pleaded guilty to murder on Friday, PEOPLE reports.

“I had a definite and strong feeling that she was dead and that she was in danger,” Couzens, 45, told Judge John Warner during the court’s sentencing hearing.

Couzens’s long-time girlfriend, Everard, 28, jumped onto the patio of their Glastonbury, England, apartment on August 2nd, and couches could be seen next to her lifeless body.

Surveillance video showed the thug pushing Everard onto the patio and inside the unit’s door in order to cause as much chaos as possible.

After the attack, Couzens called 911, but when police arrived on the scene, he disappeared.

But police quickly found out he was involved in another violent crime and placed him under arrest for attempted murder at the same apartment complex where his girlfriend had been killed.

Couzens’s then-girlfriend, Michelle Pennington, had accused him of murder just hours earlier, and once officers arrived on the scene, they arrested him too.

Police found a pocket knife with a wide cutting edge in his pocket.

Just moments before the murder, Couzens had an argument with his girlfriend, and according to court documents he said to her, “I will kill you, I’m going to kill you.”

During the hearing, police charged Couzens with attempted murder in the Pennington case, and he had her transported to an emergency room for surgery.

According to Bristol News, Couzens had pleaded guilty to murder for the death of Everard.

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