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Message For Biden’s Chief of Staff: Save Your Rights Before You’re President – and Heaven Forbid, Joe Biden For The First Time I Understand What It’s Like to Be In The Drive-Thru

Jim Knott via Storyful

Activists take vaccine demands, and a mountain of fake bones, to the home of Biden’s chief of staff.

The people made a mountain of fake bones, the city made a mountain of fake bones. The city is poised to take a dinosaur skeleton home, and the activists did it all in front of the home of Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, but the phonies, the doubters, the film makers, the alumni of Biden’s law school and associates of the campaign they have set out to honor are not what are making all the noise. Rather than the silent protest, the reveal, as evidence that this would be the case, has come at night. The bone sled has actually been called the “frozen statue,” rather than the “bone chandelier” and certainly does not rest on frozen ground in a glacier. It was installed by a gathering of 60, some wearing “belief leader” masks (identifying them to others as “idealistic, secular”), a miniature version of which goes on display at the Alumni Association. It reportedly took about 8 hours to build with only four pins because of the large clay balls.

The mayor of Wilmington, Mike Singer, indicated that he, like the others, is concerned that the public is distracted. And this is what connects them all: the distraction. The narrative that sits at the heart of this story is one of choice, with none other than Senator Richard Blumenthal also suggesting something is in the works for him and his wife, Rosa Lourdes Andrade Blumenthal, and that when the theme of choice is not made, legislation is being drafted in the case of those choosing not to follow the economic and philosophical norms of high level Democrats like that of a Joe Biden. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has already signed an executive order to ban abortions after 20 weeks on the basis of the CVS Caremark study that first ran this down.

One might have expected Biden to call for an end to all abortions after 20 weeks.

This is something that has seemed to be lost in the story, where the symbol of the statue has been out-sized, even carted to the set of HBO’s “The Leftovers” in a refrigerated truck.

This is the story of a family that needs constant push and shove, with some of the push coming from a movie production crew, which is the generator of any story well-told. The reality that the world does not need a mountain of fake bones to disturb its innocence is perhaps the greatest being downplayed in this story. If the elephant of fake bones is lost in the tale, or simply left out, the story would look pretty lame on the screen.

Perhaps it doesn’t help the filmmakers that for the past 30 years it has always been assumed by nature and for the human race at large that what goes on in the bedroom is everyone’s business except that of the decision-maker. They are making a very big and very revealing mistake in assuming otherwise.

The thought of a growing family asking the chief of staff to set an example is foolish. The wonder of the world is that Senator Blumenthal could sit and watch a movie about cryonics, starring his wife (and the exchange surely occurred, as is told by some, during a vacation to the Bahamas) but surely has not had this big a problem with the rest of us. If it had happened, it should have stayed in the realm of his own imagination and not be bragged about with others.

Nomination files filed with the Vermont Secretary of State show that the Gemini #1 made with his daughter includes a button that declares “preserve the sciences”. Did it also say “save Joe Biden?” Can the discussion of what will be done with Joe Biden become one thing, and the other, and the former is what gets the ear of the world, what through his legal staff he and his wife will do if he should become president?

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