Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Lava Flow at Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano

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It’s the newest eruption at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano.

FOX’s Erica Hill reports in this week’s All-Natural Fix:

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Thousands of lava flows.

From a volcanic eruption in Hawaii.

The new eruption at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano.

The Kilauea volcano’s Volcano Observatory reports a relatively small 3.4 m (9,000) foot high, 2.1 m (7,000) foot long fast lava flow from Kilaeua cone heading toward Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

A day after the road along Kilauea Crater’s edge, impassable since lava spewed from it last month, reopened, officials close it again for safety reasons.

Officials fear for swimmers and boaters at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, also closed over the weekend due to safety concerns.

Volcanologists warn of new eruptions, downpours and volcanic activity at higher elevations in the coming days.

Erica Hill, FOX News.

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