Saturday, October 1, 2022

Is Tristan Thompson Cheating on Khloe Kardashian?

Take a page out of Tristan Thompson’s playbook and fight dirty!

The Cleveland Cavaliers player has been accused of cheating on wife Khloé Kardashian, leading her to seek divorce, but some are questioning whether his rumored infidelity is out of the ordinary. “Khloe may try to open the ‘character’ books of Tristan Thompson and figure out which teammate on the Cavaliers has been unfaithful to a teammate with Khloé’s best friend Tristan Traylor,” one source said.

The NBA star was most recently linked to 21-year-old Australian model Sydney Chase — along with her friends Stormi Bleu and Bizzy Crook.

According to the Instagram accounts of the three, there were photo shoots for SI Swimsuit and he spent the Halloween season (good thing his wife was out of town) with her and her group of friends. And in one Instagram photo, from his personal account, Chase shows off her new tattoo, which reads “Supreme Aussie.”

The group’s photos come in the midst of Tristan Thompson fighting with Khloé’s ex-boyfriend French Montana.

Camera’s captured cameras on the basketball player after a protest outside his Los Angeles home last week. As he seemed to have some sort of altercation with someone, it was initially uncertain if he was the victim or the perpetrator of the altercation. However, TMZ has since released video of Khloé’s ex and Tristan Thompson trading words. The fight occurred after a man, who has reportedly been in Khloé’s life for a while, threw a wine bottle at Tristan, which hurt him. After the bottle struck him, the CBA player chased after the individual and a scuffle ensued.

The incident proved that Tristan isn’t letting anything get between him and Khloé’s third child True, despite the hard times with their relationship. However, he may be taking a page out of his past book when it comes to how he responds to rumored affair rumors — after all, in the video he grabs a bottle of what appears to be wine and throws it at the man.

See the video of the battle below.

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