Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Instagram warns that content created in hot weather may damage health

For the Facebook and Instagram community, summer is the time to relax with their friends, family and loved ones.

But with the heatwave in the UK well and truly here, Instagram needs to protect kids from the sun.

In a message posted on the @instagram_developers and @hot_bar_timoreyes accounts, the mobile photo and video sharing app said: “The ability to post a new video using Instagram Hot Bar is currently temporarily disabled, so the majority of kids are not able to post new videos this weekend.

“We know this restriction impacts a subset of our community, so we’re committed to making Instagram a safer place for all kids.”

Facebook said that the app would be back up as soon as possible.

The move appears to come in response to concerns raised by Public Health England, which said in its Summer Health Overview that “co-ed areas and areas with clear signs on the path to check-outs are crucial to minimising time spent in the sun and keeping kids safe”.

The campaign recommends the following tips:

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