Wednesday, June 29, 2022

How Scammers Target Facebook Accounts

Hackers have reportedly been using a Facebook account, named Louise Green, to victimize others through a scam claiming to be an employment scam.

How does it work?

According to a report from news web site Snopes, users are encouraged to give money to various accounts made up of simple passwords on Facebook and various email address. These passwords can be recalled, but the scammers attempt to extort money from those receiving emails about fake job postings.

Upon extracting money from the users’ accounts, scammers sell off the banking information they extract from the accounts.

Why are we reporting this?

The Facebook account account was not in a private space. Someone clicked on “security” when checking up on their Facebook page and provided a publicly accessible password to the account. We contacted Facebook and the social media platform confirmed that a scam was occurring. They requested we provide further info in order to prevent any further victimization, and specifically asked that we provide us screenshots of the scam emails being sent to victims so they could have their account protected against future scams.

My best advice for individuals:

If you have a Facebook account and the scam requires you to give away your personal banking information, run and close the account. You will never see your bank information again.

If you are a Facebook user who has been contacted in this manner, please report it to Facebook. They will keep an eye on this investigation.

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