Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Going a ‘Psychedelic Summer Camp’ is more than just a vacation

What if you could take LSD, puff on MDMA, and have it all over again? That’s the idea behind Psychedelics Summer Camp, an idyllic week-long tour of psychedelic culture in the Pacific Northwest. Anyone with a hankering for the drug will be pleased to find it’s happening for the fourth year running this summer in a specially designed private residence in the tidy community of Redmond, Washington.

Seattle area residents have called upon home-grown hippies to host five different one-day events, all of which include a five-course meal, a vegetarian meal on Saturday, and a soul-revival bruncheon on Sunday.

Over the years, Psychedelics Summer Camp has become synonymous with outdoor psychedelic experiences. “People come back with incredible experiences,” said James Miralles, who founded the festival. Last year, the community proved too crowded for the first weekend of the event, forcing organizers to bump it back two weeks to Sept. 21-25. This year, the first day has been scheduled for Sunday, September 9.

“One person’s high is another person’s thong,” joked Miralles, 52, “but they taste the same: beautiful.”

One of the longest-running events, Psychedelics Summer Camp has positioned itself as a kind of hippie oasis with its free-flowing cannabis and hemp wine, as well as the focused, dynamic experience it offers its visitors.

For Miralles, one key to Psychedelics Summer Camp’s success has been the careful build-up to the program. “We have trained guides that take people through different areas so they can take advantage of the different environments,” said Miralles. “They’re guides, as well as musicians and teachers.

“Once you get a taste of what Psychedelics Summer Camp is about, people say, ‘Oh, I want to come back.’ ”

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