Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Glitter-free fireworks aim to entertain eco-conscious

Written by Catey Hill, CNN London

When green and flint meet sparkles, sparks will fly on Saturday at London’s first ever “green” fireworks night.

The event will celebrate eco-friendly fireworks manufacturing, with 80% recycled materials from previous celebrations.

Organized by the Economic Development Agency in the south of England, the evening will also be the first to use ecologically sourced electricity. All electricity will be from wind generators, with three towers positioned in parkland near Dulwich Park to help minimize emissions.

Nicola Muncaster, director of businesses for the Economic Development Agency, said of the initiative: “This is an exciting new business sector in the UK. From packaging to packaging, traditional fireworks and pyrotechnics manufacturing have a tradition of using bulk, expensive, flammable materials that put people’s health and the environment at risk.”

More important than attracting eco-friendly businesses to the UK, Muncaster added, the government expects the event to help the UK’s image as a progressive country when it comes to sustainable manufacturing.

“Investing in energy efficiency is essential for both businesses and communities,” Muncaster said. “This is the first opportunity for UK manufacturers to showcase their green credentials, demonstrate how local communities could benefit from their manufacturing skills and demonstrate where government can support them in achieving environmental sustainability.”

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