Sunday, October 2, 2022

Elephant charges at Sri Lankan bus with its tusks

Footage has emerged of an elephant charging at a bus in Sri Lanka, smashing the windshield with its tusks.

In the shocking video, an empty truck can be seen crossing the road before the elephant appears, charging towards the vehicle.

While the elephant nips at the back door, it fails to get close to the vehicle as the driver brakes.

Instead of avoiding the elephant’s onslaught, the driver of the bus has to reverse and watch as the animal tears through the vehicle.

At one point the bus is able to gain enough distance from the elephant to avoid serious injuries, while the driver can be heard shouting “Ayyayi Sri Lanka savelunga! [It’s only in Sri Lanka],” as the elephant is being pulled away from the bus.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook on Friday and has received over 4,300 views.

The driver of the bus, Shivatha Wijeratne, has faced some criticism for not risking his life by climbing out of the vehicle.

He told Sri Lanka’s Sunday Times that he’d tried to stop the incident by stopping his vehicle and making loud noises in an attempt to stop the elephant.

“I tried to get away by driving my car away,” he said. “I stepped out of the bus when the elephant stopped in front of me. I was also trying to yell loudly to alert other motorists and stop the elephant and later I saw it had clipped the back door of the bus.”

However, the tree stood in his way and Wijeratne said he couldn’t open the door.

An investigation is now being carried out by the Department of Wildlife Conservation, officials told the news outlet.

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