Monday, September 26, 2022

Dr. Rick Marks On How The Art Theft At The Houston Museum Affects Art And Culture

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It’s not often a small Texas museum gets a visit from an international art icon. But that’s exactly what happened when a painting by Danish-born artist Manja Bittner sold on eBay for over a million dollars.

Dr. Rick Marks, author of “Art Theft and Identity Theft,” explains to Greg Gutfeld that Bittner voluntarily gave the museum 120 hours to return the artwork, but then changed her mind and claimed she didn’t feel like being around the subject. “These are people’s livelihoods…and for her not to honor this commitment, that’s just about a thousand dollars an hour they’re going to lose because her act of theft of the artwork,” he says.

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Gutfeld then talks to Dr. Marks about the D.C. snipers and art, both of which happened before the Bush/Cheney years, and talks about a possible Russian connection to fake news.

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Danish artist pockets $84,000 from museum, calls art installation ‘Take the Money and Run’ — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) December 10, 2018

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