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‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ shares thoughts on search for missing teen

“Where would Brian go?” #Whatabouakenighthappened: bail him out of jail & he spends weekend before missing jog with family…but… — Ryan Elligott (@becncevenluvr) February 25, 2016

George Chapman, better known as “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” is back with a new season of his reality TV show, but this time, he’s taking a look at law enforcement’s search for missing Angelina Georgia Petito.

The 19-year-old went missing in Alabama on Feb. 15, but according to Chapman, whose wife Beth is Angelina’s mother, he and his crew planned to stay in Alabama until investigators find the teen alive.

But as of last night, Chapman says investigators have denied his request to join the search for Petito in an appearance on the Fox Business Network.

Chapman, who has won a handful of Emmys for his work, is sharing his thoughts on the ordeal.

He says police have known about the plan to stay in Alabama for two days before going on the Appalachian Trail, “but they wouldn’t let us go.”

A source close to the investigation told CNN: “George would stop at any other stop along the way, but didn’t have time to stop and see if she needed him. He chose not to, which is why their relationship has fallen apart.”

Chapman says Angelina left her smartphone in the woods of Alabama where she’d been seen that evening before going missing.

She’s a marathon runner who “has a GPS tracker with her that she uses to judge how fast she’s running,” he said. “I believe that cell phone signal would be found anywhere in the state of Alabama.”

As for rumors that Brian Laundrie, Angelina’s father, found his daughter’s body, Chapman says, “I don’t know where that came from, but I do know Brian Laundrie doesn’t want to give me any information on Angelina Petito’s disappearance.”

Laundrie is no longer listed as a suspect in the case, but has not been cleared, Chapman said.

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