Saturday, October 1, 2022

David Cameron: Climate change is the greatest threat we face

It’s not just places you couldn’t go to, back in your day, who are starting to be affected by climate change: says Cameron

The British prime minister says that young people have “every right to be angry about climate change and the pressures it’s placing on the environment” now more than ever, as the Atlantic points out.

David Cameron says that as youngsters grow up, they are more likely to have a more accurate picture of the world and they’ll have a stronger understanding of the choices they have to make about their future — and the future of the environment. “Whether you are a future politician or young child, it’s right that we understand the reasons behind our actions and why we’re acting,” he says.

Cameron says that young people, and more broadly the global middle class, are more aware of the need to take action against climate change. He calls this “the climate generation.” Here’s the prime minister:

“Young people are living in a world where pollutants are spread around the world by cars and trucks. Where plastics are broken down into microfibres in the sea and where other pollutants arrive on the shores of other countries and continents. “That is not going to change easily. And it is precisely because it is so hard to do and so frightening that climate change really is the most important and dangerous issue that we face in the 21st century. Because no other issue is going to affect us and our kids and grandkids like it. So the choice we face is not between a future that is safe and a future with uncertainty. The choice is between a stable planet and a safer world. We simply cannot afford a future with more storms, floods and disease. It’s the middle class in the world’s fast-growing economies who will be most affected and the population as a whole will be most adversely affected. The middle class in the developed world is very comfortable, and there’s going to be a movement of people towards a secure and affordable world, and that is what the climate generation will want.”

The quote in full:

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