Saturday, October 1, 2022

Customer strips naked in women’s restroom while talking about his situation

Hours of video from an Orlando, Fla., McDonald’s security camera captured the awkward, cringe-worthy encounter between a customer and a worker that ended with the worker identifying herself as being 18 years old.

On Tuesday, WFTV9 published video that showed Wayne Couzens, 57, walking in, fornicate with a napkin, and then entering the ladies’ room to disrobe completely. Couzens then followed, baring his private parts to the employees in the room.

One employee, Ahnnelle Bardeen, was able to decipher who Couzens was by the way he rocked out in the bathroom, touching his penis to his neck while he danced.

“Him and the girl, they was dancing, you know,” Bardeen said. “When they was dancing, he was all naked dancing around.”

When Bardeen confronted Couzens, he refused to give a response, instead telling her to “stay in the paper.”

Bardeen then pressed on, saying Couzens’ behavior was “very weird,” according to the reporter who was present. When asked to identify Couzens by name, Bardeen replied that the man “was the one who was in the most trouble for exposing himself,” and described the incident as “not really” a pleasant one.

As Bardeen continued to mention Couzens in her talk with Bardeen, the other McDonald’s employee, Rasheeda Jenkins, began to cry, saying that she was relieved the video was public now.

For his part, Couzens says he’s now in contact with the employee.

“I wanted to make her feel better,” Couzens told the Orlando Sentinel. “I understand it’s not the right thing to do. I don’t feel bad about what I did.”

And he said he understood why she was upset.

“She’s only 17,” Couzens said. “I’m a 43-year-old man. Why should I feel bad?”

Read the full story at WFTV9.


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