Saturday, October 1, 2022

Climate Change Impacts A World Of Work For Farmworkers, New Hampshire Forest Fire

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Driving through the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York areas, FOX’s Eric Shawn reports from New Hampshire how much drought impacted the leaves on the trees.

This and more in this week’s “Making Sen$e”.

Climate change has had a negative impact on forests in New Hampshire, mostly for the worse.

Will a lack of rain change the future of fall foliage and the drinking water supply in Southern New Hampshire?

Researchers think human-induced changes in the climate is what’s to blame, also the drought.

In Pennsylvania, there’s a little about how rural office workers could have more work without a lack of rain.

Educators say less rain means less open space for future students, and a higher risk of developmental delays.

One geologist said winters in the arctic region may get a little warmer, and that’s what’s spurring concerns for snowshoe havers and other polar bear groups.

Eric checks in on a possible water crisis in the California cities of Santa Cruz and San Jose.

And, Raimundo Della Vecchia, joined by the founder of an organization helping juveniles gain access to job training through the workforce skills program Girls Who Code join ‘Making Sen$e’.

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