Sunday, October 2, 2022

Climate change: Are fence-sitters in the path of polar bear, polar bear or rock bear attacks?

Money quote: “I can’t believe that you’d want to buy arms that just produce more accidents,” says spokesman Andrew Freedman, “that’s the best that we can do?”

T, i, m, e | see this article on

Industry watchdogs can drive the climate agenda, but such climate changes as fuel efficiency standards and energy efficiency standards keep coming. The industries that fail to respond in earnest to the shifts in consumer buying habits will become permanently blocked in their quest to shift money from raw materials to improving efficiency.

I thought this statement was a bit wacky. Will a “t” and an “i” follow Warren Buffett’s endorsement of the Tesla Model 3? And if they do, how about an “i” and an “E?”

No matter. That said, I would have included a US and a foreign represented tweet, to highlight the fact that global warming affects everyone everywhere.

The i in this corner is Greenpeace, because they have been pushing for explicit climate neutrality. A Tesla, a powered by solar, will meet those goals even if a Tesla driver was also a big carbon dioxide emitter.

The US has a past of outsourcing (or subsidizing) emissions.

The Johnson Wax Showerhead by Hartwig Fuerstaub, October 27, 1955.

How does that look to you?


E & i in this corner are the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and US Coast Guard and the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

NORAD is much more proficient at “identifying” threats, than it is at developing a new technology for that purpose.

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