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Brian Laundrie 2 months after his disappearance


1. Brian Laundrie II (@BrianLaundrie21) 29.06.2015

2. A store clerk at the downtown Prattsville gas station tell us Laundrie, who was ex-boyfriend of his shoplifting co-worker’s girlfriend, bought a cell phone about 30 minutes after he left.

3. Laundrie’s younger brother was contacted by The Associated Press the day Laundrie disappeared. Laundrie told the news outlet the family wasn’t looking for anything and said the cell phone he had used the day he went missing may have been deactivated.

4. The phone in question, a Lite-Quart Blackberry 8810, was found Friday by a parent with children at Perry Funeral Home in Saluda, Virginia, north of Charlottesville, according to the Associated Press.

5. The phone contains photos of a black and white grand piano and a smoke but never shows any text messages. Photographs of children appear to have been removed, according to Associated Press. “Is that a charred shell?” Brian’s dad Bryan Laundrie (now living in Alaska) is quoted in the article.

• Text messages between Brian Laundrie and his girlfriend Jillian Cady took place just prior to Laundrie going missing, according to a list of text messages that was obtained by the Associated Press. It was a text message, sent and received March 2, the day Laundrie disappeared, in which Laundrie informed Cady that his co-worker had accused him of shoplifting. Brian’s body was found on March 5. The text messages were part of the evidence used to convict 22-year-old Tyler Cooper for Laundrie’s murder.

• A 19-year-old man who was Laundrie’s cellmate at the Tidewater Regional Jail in early September in Salem, Virginia is the subject of the investigation, according to the Virginia State Police.

The search for Brian Laundrie (pdf) US Missing Persons System (

Timeline of events • Sunday 16.09.12 (8:09PM – 9:09PM) – Brian Laundrie (21) leaves work at Delta Furniture & Appliance on East Stafford Ave, Barstow

• Sunday 16.09.12 (9:09PM – 9:29PM) – Brian Laundrie (21) located deceased in a ravine, under a bridge by Sherman Ave, Barstow

• Sunday 16.09.12 (9:29PM – 9:39PM) – The body of Brian Laundrie (21) is found under a bridge by Sherman Ave, Barstow

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