Wednesday, September 28, 2022

American’s Most Wanted profile of man, led by his mother, arrested for beating his father to death

Brian Laundrie appeared on a February 1 episode of American’s Most Wanted ( “American’s Most Wanted” showing him holding hands with his mother as he led a search for a fugitive who had killed his father three years earlier. In light of Brian’s mother, Roberta Laundrie calling the sheriff’s office the following day, the real life-story the show portrayed will become a very real thing for the Laundries.

When news of the call came out, the Sheriff of Okeechobee County, Richard Fuller, said that, “Pursuant to Mr. Laundrie’s statement, my office will conduct a thorough investigation to determine how he was able to violate the conditions of his release. I feel fortunate that he was taken into custody without further incident.”

Fuller continued by saying that it was “for legal reasons” that he couldn’t give more details about Laundrie’s location but did say that he will present Laundrie’s case to a judge soon.

During Brian’s interview with American’s Most Wanted, he said that he was volunteering his time to get his mother out of a “dire” situation when he showed up at Roberta’s Florida home looking for the fugitive. His mother was in the midst of hunting a felony fugitive that her husband had been looking for when the “armed” and “dangerous” fugitive came across her house.

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