Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A possible end of the rainbow is here

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It looks like one emoji is already here to stay — and it’s probably got you wincing in your seat.

“My favorite Moment Of My Life” is a birthday party invitation, animated using just three face symbols. Because that’s all it takes to describe pretty much any event that involves balloons and lots of friends — and they’re not even talking about graduating. We all like balloons.

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Emoji has now gone a step further, when Netflix released its newest version of Family Guy-inspired characters that it says will change the way we think of animated characters.

That’s when the Happy Birthday Emoji appeared.

Subtitled, “tough to sing,” it’s debuted alongside, what else, the Goodbye Goodbye Emoji.

While many of us are aware that music isn’t a part of their emoji repertoire, at least the men and women in your life understand the important change-up going on here, right?

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