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6 things better than all-ages food at Disney World

Disney may look like an all-ages paradise, but there are tons of treats and snacks that are better than all-ages and more expensive than any restaurant or sit-down joint. Here are some standouts:


The Blizzard Bowl: A bowl of cotton candy and sprinkles made all the sweeter with strawberry and blackberry topping. It’s a small bowl, so get there early to get your fill. This is one of the more popular Blizzard bowls, though don’t go in expecting a generous amount of quantity.

The Marshmallow King: This frozen marshmallow is the hit in the Flaming Cauldron at the Miniature Golfland & Entertainments Complex.

Johnny Rockets: Go to a Johnny Rockets for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and this $4 “Tin Men Ice Cream” dessert will be waiting for you. It’s similar to the well-known Tin Men’s ice cream but spiced with fennel and cinnamon.

Hotels: If you visit Disneyland, make sure to visit with your kids for a trip to the Star Wars Lands. They aren’t out yet, but it will be happening soon, and my kids have only heard good things about it. It’s great, you’ll be able to watch Stormtroopers running around, and it will be just like Star Wars, but adults can drink in style at the James Boardwalk.

The Wookie treats: Following Captain Hook at Adventureland, Chewbacca loves cookies. In the newest addition to the land, you’ll see a Wookie snack stand. They will also have the “disguise” hot dog that my kids loved.

Chewy Pig Churros: Just down the street in Buena Vista Plaza, you’ll find Chewy Pig’s, where this snack is awesome and inexpensive ($1.85). The name, which means sweet in Spanish, reflects the flavor of the churros, which aren’t hot or sweet at all. They are crispy, colorful and heavy on the jalapeno.

Bojangles: You can buy the “Chicken biscuits” at some hotels, but better luck if you go to Disney World for a meal. It’s a small individual for $3.75 or a large combo for $6.25.

Dumplings: It’s not uncommon at Disney for you to find some type of Asian eatery to serve everything from dumplings to shrimp on rice. Quail, spring roll and egg rolls are all available, if you are looking for something different for a dish. The best place to find dumplings and other Asian dishes at Disney is, of course, Tippy’s Wraps at Bamboo City Café.

Dole Whip: Dole Whip has been around since 1876 and has been a staple at Disney for many years. You can find it in many of the places, whether you want to buy a kit or open a can of it at a store. The whipped cream is delicious and sells for $4.49 a can.

Margaritas: One of the newest additions to Disney, there are plenty of margaritas for a snack or a meal. Your best bet is to go to The Mooptop at the ESPN Zone on Disney property. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the $10 cocktail is an all-day item.

Count Chocula: The Disney Springs area is full of candy, but this chain is the most well-known. There are a variety of mints, licorice and lollipops you can pick up.

Watermelon Shooters: People love to fire watermelon shot guns at Walt Disney World in Splash Mountain. It’s actually a lot of fun to stand in the middle of the slide and fire your watermelon shot. For the non-shooters, there are a number of watermelon novelty items.

Venture Fuels: Venture Fuels is like a virtual candy store. There are lot of candy bars and candies, but there are also lot of unusual and seemingly gimmicky snacks. Some great ones to try if you are heading off to Disney Springs: Sponge Bottles, Naked n’ Gator, Oh Oh Puzo and Daddy McSteamy.

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